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Real Estate Investor Loan Borrower Criteria

Want to know how to get a Real Estate Investor loan with good or bad credit? First its important to know that we offer common sense underwriting and you get to talk directly with the decision maker!  We are not some big scary bank – we are here to help and when needed can get creative to get your great deal funded!

Real Estate Investor Loan Borrower Criteria:

  • Borrower must have adequate cash reserves
  • Must be or use a highly qualified and experienced contractor with a proven track record
  • We require a credit report but your credit score is not a key factor in our loan approval process. So even if you have bad credit don’t worry, we look at the house more than your credit.
  • Think about what you might need to pay prior to your first draw pay out.  Items like utilities, permits, supplies, contractors etc.
  • You will need to pay for Appraisal and BPO’s upfront before they are ordered
  • Background check must be OK or have valid reasons for blemishes
  • You must have at least two viable exit strategies for the property
  • Borrower must show skin-in-the-game.
    • The following may qualify:
      • Cash down payment
      • Cross collateral of other Non-owner-occupied property, either by borrower or other
      • Subordinate seller carry-back (behind our funding)
      • Additional personal Guarantor with adequate credit score and sufficient financials
      • We are open to brainstorming more ideas on a case by case basis.

Insurance Terms:

  • Property must have fire & hazard insurance before closing. Or other normal insurance for at least at the loan amount and preferably the ARV
  • We must be named as additional insured/loss payee
  • A mortgagee’s/Lender’s title policy is required


Remember, we do have common sense underwriting! The deal itself and your experience (or your teams experience) are the most important factors in our loan approval.  We actually LOVE bank turn-downs and when needed we can get very creative to get your deal funded.



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