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Real Estate Property Criteria

At Loans 4 Investors we offer fix and flip financing, new home construction loans and more!  We do have a sweet spot for our favorite type of properties which I have listed below.  We do approve deals outside our sweet spot on a case by case basis so give us call and lets talk about your project.

Loans 4 Investors’ favorite types of properties to lend on are

  • MUST be non-owner occupied
    • We lend on 1st and 2nd position mortgages. (not 3rd and so on…)
    • Gap Funding – if you have a 1st loan ready to go but short on your down payment we often come in as a 2nd lien and cover some or all of the down payment for you.
  • Single family residential 1-4 units
  • Short term loans – Typically 3-12 months  
  • 55%-70% LTV of the ARV depending on area and borrower. Our sweet spot is Texas and Yes, for great deals and great borrowers we lend Nationwide!
    • The ARV (after repair value) will be determined by an appraisal and/or multiple BPO’s that we order and are paid for by the borrower.
  • ‡Property should be in a major city or a suburb of a major city.
  • Properties must be in stable and preferably growing neighborhoods.
  • Loan amounts from $10,000 to $1,000,000 is our sweet spot.  We will go higher if it’s within the norm for that city/neighborhood and we feel really good about the project. Also for higher end projects our gap funding program is very popular.
  • No environmental problems or any other major drawbacks that might keep the property from selling.
  • Property ARV should be priced near or at the median price for that neighborhood. We do NOT lend on “Luxury” properties that are outside of the norm for the area.
  • Our programs are specifically designed for real estate investors primarily for fix & flips and new home construction.  We do NOT lend on owner occupied homes.
  • Properties that are not in our “sweet spot” will be considered on a case by case basis.


Things that affect property value and resale ability

  • Is this property a fix and flip, new home construction or rental property? And is that the norm for what is found in this neighborhood?
  • Is the property in or near a flood plain?
  • Consider power lines, trains, nearby commercial development and anything out of the ordinary
  • Any challenges with neighbors or neighborhood?
  • how do the surrounding properties look?
  • Is there anything that is going to hinder your ability to sell the home?
  • Comparable Sales – get strong comparable sales for the area with this home’s specific criteria.  
  • If you don’t have access to MLS then get a Realtor to run a CMA or BPO for you and ask for a 30 day sales price for the ARV (after repair value).  This will give you a realistic view of your future sales price and it’s more likely your appraisal will come in around the same price or better.
  •  Want to be really sure you have a handle on the ARV? Get 3 different and unrelated Realtors to run numbers for you to make extra sure your ARV is on target!



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