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Cash Out Refinance

Your Ultimate Refinancing Solutions!

Loans 4 Investors offers Cash Out Refi Loan Solutions in Texas for: Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Home Builders.

Fix and Flips & Builder Spec Homes – Have you been paying cash for fix and flips or spec homes and need some cash to complete them? Or maybe you have a loan but it’s not enough to complete the house? Contact us for solutions!

Landlords – Do you have a rent houses in need of repairs? Or perhaps you desire to grow your rental portfolio but are short of cash and if you could leverage your equity on your current rentals then you could buy more rent houses. Or do you need a cash out for other reasons? Contact Loans 4 Investors for your funding solutions!

Buying Homes at Auctions – do you buy homes or wish you could buy homes at foreclosure, tax or public house selling auctions so that you can get the houses at deep discounts? Most of these require you pay cash at the auction which can be difficult to do. Loans 4 investors has solutions: 1) you can pay cash at the auction and then get a loan from us on the property and then you can go back and get another property and just keep rinsing and repeating getting cash out and buying more properties via your cash. 2) If you own rentals or other non-owner occupied houses or commercial property then a cash out refinance might just be the solutions to get you the cash you need to grow your business.

Loans 4 Investors has your Cash Out Refi Solutions!!!

So, to get free ideas, advice and options on your cash-out refi loans call us on 682-651-8723 or click here for Refi Solutions and give us some basic information to our conversation started.

Cash out Refinancing Program at Loans4Investors

Cash-out-Refi is a refinance loan in which the borrower receives additional cash that can be used for any purpose, like repaying the existing mortgage, closing costs, buying more properties etc. Loans 4 Investors offers Cash-Out-Refinance loans in Texas and other top growing markets for strong borrowers.

To obtain loan from us,

  • Borrower must provide details of what the cash out funds will be used for, and
  • Should have a solid exit strategy to sell or refinance the property within 3-12 months.

With years of experience in the real estate industry we offer unique insight and ideas. We believe in building long-tern relationships with our clients and hence we strive to get you the best possible funding solution for your business to succeed.

Fill out this short form so that one of our Loan experts can start offering you some solutions!

Our service policies are extremely flexible for you:

  • No Minimum credit score!
  • Common sense underwriting
  • Interest only payments with no prepayment penalty
  • Direct lender
  • Non-owner occupied loans for Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Home Builder (NOTE: we never lend to home owners. We offer loans to businesses for real estate investor financing)

Just give us a call on 682-651-8723 and you will get customized recommendations for your loan in short time!!