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Apartment Funding

Multi-Family & Apartment Funding Solutions

How do you finance a commercial apartment building? If this question worries you, Loans 4 Investors is the solution. If you can find a great Multi-Family project.  Then we have many options to get your project funded.

There are many ways we can structure financing for your Multi-Family projects.  If you have bank financing lined up, we can help fill the gap of what the bank doesn’t fund via gap funding or bridge funding or even equity partners.  There are so many ways to fund apartments so if you don’t have any financing lined, don’t worry. If you have found a great deal, then simply submit it to us and we can offer solutions to your funding needs.

We provide commercial mortgage funding solutions to real estate investors in Dallas, Texas. And for great Multi-Family projects will consider Nationwide We provide multifamily loans regardless of the size of the building.

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We try to fit in every investor’s shoes, that makes us different from other programs in the region. Our years of experience in the real estate industry help us in building long-term relationships with our esteemed clients. We work to provide you the best possible funding solution for your business to thrive.

Loans 4 Investors can provide financing for all of the following:

  • Funding Solutions and equity capital for Large apartment complexes.
  • Loans for mid-size apartment complexes
  • Mortgages smaller apartment dwellings, including single-building apartments
  • Financing for Luxury apartment or townhouse communities
  • Loans for Duplexes, triplex, fourplex, and any type of multi-family project

How Loans 4 Investors can help you buy an apartment complex:

We understand that owners and investors often fall short of money. Thus, we bring forth an opportunity to spend less and reap bigger profits. Our programs offer many different funding solutions, loan terms and payment schedules make it possible for you.

Our favorite type of Multi-Family projects are complexes that need fixing up or are badly managed.  This way they can be purchased for less, make improvements which increases the value of the entire multi-family project. Or how can you increase the apartment complex’s value by being creative in “value added” things?

Wondering how to qualify for an Apartment loan? Loan approvals on Apartments and Multi-Family projects are based more on the project itself and more than your personal credit score.  If your credit is not great, there are other solutions so just submit your project so we can offer you some solutions!

A few important numbers in Multi-Family Funding are:

  • NOI (net operating income) which is the gross annual income minus operating expenses
  • LTV (Loan to Value) which is the loan amount divided by the Value or ARV (after repair value if doing repairs)
  • Debt service – how much monthly debt service / Mortgages vs how much cash flow

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Loans 4 Investors has funding solutions and can customize a program for your project!

  • Direct lender
  • No Minimum credit score.
  • Common sense underwriting
  • Competitive terms
  • Equity capital
  • Funding solutions

In case you would like to brainstorm, need ideas, advice and options for apartment building financing, feel free to call us on 682-651-8723, we’ll be happy to help you!