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10 Reasons a Real Estate Investor Must Choose Virtual Assistant

10 Reasons a Real Estate Investor Must Choose Virtual Assistant

Admin - Sep 26, 2016

From MLS listing, researching property, collecting data, managing paperwork to stay update with real estate trends, a real estate investor goes through many mundane yet essential things to do real estate business efficiently and smoothly.But managing these things can be quite hectic and exhaustive, especially for single or small real estate investors with limited time and resources. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant to get all these jobs done is really a smart move and can help you scale your business.

A Virtual assistant (VA) is the professional who works for clients remotely from a home or office, thereby saving your office space, extra hiring and salary, money and time.

Let’s see how a virtual assistant can help you managing your real estate operations….

  1. Help You in Property Researching:

Needless to say that finding good property is the key to get good returns on your investment. But it takes research, legal approvals, land records information and many other things. And it is hectic if you have other commitments at the same time. In this scenario, virtual assistance proves real “savior” for any real estate investor. How?

  • From researching the property, legal titles to the owner’s info, a virtual assistance can do all things to make your work easier.
  • A VA can research everything you need including the listed price of similar properties within the area, even minutes before your meeting with the buyer.
  • A virtual assistance can give you information about the neighborhood or home’s curb appeal by checking Google Street View. 
  1. Create or edit Your Data for Presentations and Conferencing:

Working on a raw data to make even 30 minutes PPT presentation takes hours, especially if you are not skilled at it. So, assigning that task to your virtual assistance is the huge timesaver. A virtual assistance can prepare reports, graphs, and charts to illustrate data so that you display it to home buyer or lenders.

  1. Managing Your Emails:

To save you from wasting time in reading or reply mails, a virtual assistant can filter your important mails and answer to the rest on your behalf. He can sort out the potential home buyers from the list. Make sure to guide your VA on picking main emails and sending responses.

  1. Manage or Help You in Digital Marketing:

Marketing has always been important for real estate investors. According to one study, 80% of tenants and homebuyers search for real estate online. This is why choosing a dedicated virtual assistant for this task ensures you the efficiency of this task. A virtual assistant can handle all the aspects of digital marketing like blog writing, SEO, running Online Ads, sending newsletter, and SMO to drive your sales and take your business to the target audience.

  1. Schedule and Confirm Your Appointments:

As it has been told earlier that VA can handle your email accounts, he can create and fix your appointments with lender and home buyers/owners based on their queries and requests received in a mail box.

  1. Schedule Your Tasks Too:

A VA can play the role of your secretary to remind you schedules, events, meetings, and urgent projects. Therefore, it is easier for you to accomplish them on time. Given the availability of scheduling tools, it’s easier for your remote assistance to manage your calendar.

  1. Check Paperwork and Documents:

You can’t afford to skip verifying fine prints and all major documents in property business. Why not assign this job to your VA? He can save you a time by checking and verifying all the documents and paperwork relating to the property or lending deals.

  1. Watch Your Competitors:

What are your competitors up to?  Well, your VA can let you know their tactics by checking their listings, platforms, keywords, and scheduling. It also gives you an idea about the current trends in real estate.

  1. Organizing Your Data:

Your remote worker will add your documents and computer files to a database in an organized manner. In this way, you have an easy access to the information relating to your lenders, homebuyers and home seller, reports and other documents.

  1. Manage Your MLS Listings:

From creating MLS to linking it to your website, your virtual assistant can do it all for you. He can create the description and optimize other existing descriptions on the MLS platform as well.

Here are a few more ideas: Website development, landing pages, classified ad postings, content writing, social media, audio & visual production and editing, tracking, reporting, any SEO tasks, book your travel, answer phones, chat support, bookkeeping, and forms creation, the list is really endless.  These are routine tasks you can hand over to your virtual assistant so that you better focus on your primary tasks.

You must choose your virtual assistance carefully as their efficiency will directly affect your administration tasks. Therefore, be sure to test when interviewing and get to know them.  Are they professional, great at project handling, skill sets, and technology skills before hiring him for your real estate administration work.

Below are a few of the tests that I have used for interview testing when hiring Virtual Assistance.

  1. Basic Computer
  2. Excel
  3. Typing
  4. Speed- click on the full test here

Basically, there are an endless list of tasks that you could delegate to your VA.  Start a list and keep adding to it of things you do that are repetitive.  If they are done online or on a computer, then you can start delegating them so you can free up your time to focus on the high level items and delegate everything else.  A VA can truly help you work on your business instead of in your business which is a huge step on the ladder to success!